PackageManager Part 2: Client Side Setup

Install the NuGet/Chocolatey Provider

With Windows 10 Package Manager almost runs out of the box. If you run Get-PackageProvider from powershell on a fresh Windows 10 instance you will see the out of box providers. There are two more important providers that we will want to setup

  • Nuget – Mainly used to pull code such as Modules from the PSGallery
  • Chocolatey – Build on top of Nuget to pull and install binaries

I expect in the future other plugins will be available as well as being able to create custom providers as explained here

#Install NuGet Provider

Get-Package -ProviderName Nuget -ForceBootstrap

#Install Chocolatey Provider

Get-Package -ProviderName Chocolatey -ForceBootstrap


For me, since I have my own internal Repo, I would like a way to install these providers offline. At time of writing it doesn’t appear this is possible so I may have to fall-back to using the chocolatey client until WMF 5.0 and the Chocolatey Provider are officially released.


Configure a Package Source

Register-PackageSource -Name InternalRepo `
                       -Location http://svr1/packagemanagerrepo/nuget `
                       -ProviderName chocolatey `


You should now be able to query your Local Repo for your custom packages. Note for the below I have merely copied some existing packages from pending me crafting my own.



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