File System Tunneling

If you were to delete a file and recreate it with the same name you might notice that the creation time is preserved. This is a feature known as file system tunneling and can produce some unexpected behavior if you were not aware of it.

For instance try this:

#create a file and write to it, get the creation time
$file = “C:\tmp\hello.txt”
"something" | Out-File $file
gci $file | Select CreationTime

#Now remove that file, wait 5 seconds and recreate it
Remove-Item $file
Start-Sleep -Seconds 5
"somethingelse" | Out-File $file
gci $file | Select CreationTime

You should see the creation time has not changed. But if you put in a sleep or 15 seconds instead of 5 the creation time WILL have changed. This, it turns out is actually a feature not a bug. See the links below for more information,

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